The international e-commerce market is larger than you think.

Internationalisation is the process of increasing involvement of enterprises in international markets” (Wikipedia) “It gains in importance as the globalisation of the entire business environment keeps expanding” (Wikipedia in German)

Our domestic e-commerce market is stable and grows steadily. Most likely, we are content with the security and constant growth. Still, let us examine the German e-commerce market, already among the largest in Europe, and compare it with the international potential (Forecast for 2015 –

billion € in Germany 2015

billion € worldwide 2015

billion € in Europe 2015

billion € worldwide 2016

Try selling internationally. See your business grow beyond imagination.

The challenge: a lion’s share of merchants only sell in one land. Many see the multitude of foreign languages and regulated cash flow as the greatest obstacle. Others have second thoughts about transporting across the borders and handling potential returns. Yet, what all of us desire is steady work load and healthy growth, perhaps even reaching another milestone.

We will gladly advise you on all you need to know about internationalisation:

  • Product selection
  • Translation
  • SEO positioning
  • Payments
  • Logistics
  • Returns

Later on, we can take over and handle all the international operations. That means that we will sell your products using our name across the entire world, on all the markets where you would like to make them available. It is up to you to decide when to offer which articles, in which land and at which prices and on which platforms. You make the decisions, we implement them.

A case study: You would like to go on selling your products in the UK independently but have nothing against them being offered and sold, for example, in Germany, USA or Asia. You thus continue to run your national business as usually. All the international operations are then handled by us. That includes, among others, translation of article descriptions into the corresponding languages, positioning of articles on foreign market platforms and the entire sales, shipping and returns operations. You as our customer always stay in the know and receive the agreed profit as per the service package.

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Shipping in Germany from 2.70€*

Shipment delivery in Germany from 2.70 €* via c.b.c. logistics, including pick-up and all other services 
* price subject to 19% VAT

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International shipping from 5.55€*

Thanks to our bundled shipping volumes and close cooperation with parcel delivery companies we achieve considerable price reductions which we pass on to you! for example:

1kg to Austria from 5.55€*
1kg to USA from 10.95€*
1kg to China from 13.95€*

* price subject to 19% VAT

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