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To be able to answer some of your questions in advance, we have prepared here the most frequently asked questions and their answers. If you cannot find an answer to your particular question, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us. This FAQ makes no claim as to completeness or legal relevance etc.

DHL pick up

Changes of pick-up arrangements

FAQ - Versandlogistiker

In case one of the following has changed:

  • Pick-up address
  • Shipping amounts
  • Amount of roller containers
  • Pick-up manner (reorganisation)
  • Pick-up day
  • Company holidays with no pick-up

then please notify us in writing with e-mail to service[@]cbc-logistics.com.

We will gladly accomodate the desired changes.

Please be aware that changes are often implemented 1 to 4 weeks later.

Difficulties at pick-up

FAQ - Versandlogistiker

If difficulties arise at pick-up due to your driver being

absent or directed to a wrong address,

you always have the chance to take the shipments to the

nearest branch office (see FAQ “Drop-off at branch office”).


Complaints may be filed through us on +49 6445 25771-20 and directly with

DHL on 02282 – 8609800 (the EKP, customer number from Deutsche Post, is required).

Drop-off at branch office

If you would like to take shipments to the branch office yourself, any

DHL branch office is suitable for that. This option is available to you even

if you employ regular pick-up.


Please bear in mind that you should sign the posting list/cargo list at the branch office, receive

the deposit receipt and that the arrangement is only valid for customers with DHL/c.b.c. logistics contract.


Some branch offices employ a drop-off desk for business clients,

this speeds up the process considerably.


The easiest way to find the nearest branch office is to click HERE.

Increase in shipping

FAQ - VersandlogistikerIn case of more than 5 parcels, special pick-up may be arranged.

To do that, please send e-mail us at service[@]cbc-logistics.com or ring ring on +49 6445 25771-20

one day in advance and not later than 2:30 p.m.


In case of large amounts, for example, multiple lorryloads,

please ring us at least one week in advance.


In all cases of special pick-up, we require the following information:

  • amount of parcels?
  • parcel weight?
  • parcel size?
  • are the parcels loose, palletised or in roller containers?
  • the usual pick-up address or otherwise?
Regular pick-up and time slots

FAQ - VersandlogistikerPick-up can only be arranged through c.b.c. logistics as a participant of the

framework agreement with DHL so please always turn to us.


With regular pick-up, you can designate fixed days for pick-up.


With up to 40 parcel per pick-up day pick-up takes place during delivery.

That means that pick-up is part of the current delivery route, hence the pick-up time

depends on the workload, driver and respective arrangements with him.


From 41 parcels per pick-up day, you can propose a time slot  (+/- 1-2 hours),

during which your parcels should be collected. DHL will try to arrange pick-up during

the time slot you have proposed.


Please be aware that in a few areas shipments cannot be delivered within 24 hours if certain

late pick-up time slots are used.


Requested pick-up: what to bear in mind

FAQ - VersandlogistikerRequested pick-up is available beginning with 1 parcel.   With shipping amounts up to 5 parcels please ring one day in advance before 5 p.m. on  +49 6445 25771-20.   Requested pick-up can be booked until 8 p.m. via our business portal.   Please provide the average stize of the parcel and if bulky goods will be included. Unfortunately, a time slot cannot be specified as pick-up will take place during delivery.   As the amounts increase, if you have more than 5 parcels for pick-up, you can find useful information in the FAQ under “Increase in shipping”.

DHL shipping

Cancelling parcels not yet mailed

FAQ - Versandlogistiker

Before the day-end closing, parcels can easily be cancelled using the software.


After the day-end closing, you can cancel your parcels through us within 30 days.


We require the corresponding tracking number and you customer number.

Please e-mail these to serivce[@]cbc-logistics.com or fax them to +49 6445 25771-17.

You can easily request a cancellation HERE.


Offsetting takes place after a verification and always during the second billing period of the month.

Please be aware that your right to a refund is only valid until the end of the month.

COD not received

FAQ - Versandlogistiker

Should the COD due not arrive on your account in 14 days/3 months (domestic/international),

a COD inquiry has to be initiated.


You can request one by e-mail to service[@]cbc-logistics.com.

We are going to need the outgoing invoice along with the posting list/cargo list.


With combined inquiries (from 5 COD shipments), you are welcome to fill in pre-formatted

Excel tables. These are available from c.b.c. logistics. The needed documents will only be

requested as the inquiry progresses.


The processing time is circa 14 days/2 months (domestic/international).

Damaged parcel

FAQ - Versandlogistiker

Damages are to be reported within 7 business days after the delivery.

This has to be done by you or your client at the nearest DHL office. Both the complete outer and inner packaging should be presented along with the damaged goods. The damage will be assessed on the spot and you will be given a damage receipt. Thereafter, you can arrange a compensation delivery if you decide so.

Damage compensation will be handled directly by DHL. Should you run into any difficulties, please ring us on +49 6445 25771-20. It may take up to 14 days to respond.

Concerning packages Europaket and Weltpaket, we suggest sending an additional written damage report (with photos if possible) by e-mail to either us or DHL.
Please be aware that a delayed damage claim may be rejected.

Delivery impossible despite correct address

FAQ - Versandlogistiker In case you a parcel is returned as “Recipient unknowndespite a correct address, you are entitled to shipping and return costs refund. The parcel should be shipped again to the same address and be successfully delivered to the recipient.   To execute a refund, we require the tracking numbers from both instances of shipping along with your customer number to assign the refund correctly.   Please e-mail your request to service[@]cbc-logistics.com or simply use our online form HERE.

Long transit time

As a rule, DHL promises to deliver domestically within 24 hours; if however, the

sender and the recipient are more than 500 km apart, the transit time is up to 48 hours.


This is only a guiding principle and not a commitment.

DHL is only obliged to deliver within 10 business days.


As a rule, a complaint about the transit time can be filed within the time frame;

that can be done either by e-mail to service[@]cbc-logistics.com or by telephone

on +49 6445 25771-20.


The same applies to parcels Weltpaket Economy/Premium, whereas here longer

transit times are natural and should be taken into account (see DHL transit times by country HERE).


Notification card missing

Should a customer complain that a notification card is missing after a delivery attempt and the shipment is returned (as no collection by the recipient

could take place), you are entitled to a refund of the shipping and return costs or a freeway parcel stamp.


You can e-mail your claim to service[@]cbc-logistics.com or ring us at c.b.c. logistics on +49 6445 25771-20.

Please be aware that DHL reserves the right to arrange inquires into individual cases.

Packstation not available

FAQ - Versandlogistiker

In case a parcel is returned because the pack station was occupied and independent of negligence

by either the consignor or the consignee, you are entitled to a refund of the shipping and return costs.


You can e-mail your claim to service[@]cbc-logistics.com or

ring us at c.b.c. logistics on +49 6445 25771-20.

Parcel not received

Should a recipient not receive the parcel, you can request a copy of the proof of delivery

(POD) from us. It is easy to provide for shipments within Germany, in international scope, however,

signed POD is not available in every country’s case.

If the signature and the whereabouts of the shipment are unknown to the recipient, the recipient

may issue a statement (you can find a template in the Downloads section).

Additionally, an inquiry is to be initiated (see FAQ “What to do if parcels go missing”).

The same applies in case of misunderstandings concerning depot and garage contracts.

Using printed labels

In case you have printed out a label but cannot mail the shipment right away, the label is valid for a week. Thereafter it has to be cancelled.

In case the day-end closing is finished, a cancellation has to be requested through us. Please send e-mail to service[@]cbc-logistics.com including your customer number and the tracking number or simply fill in the form HERE.

What to do if parcels go missing

In case of no scan for 10 business days a parcel is considered gone missing.

Should this happen, an inquiry is to be initiated. This can be done through us by

e-mail to service[@]cbc-logistics.com or by fax to +49 6445 25771-17.

Required are the outgoing invoice to the recipient’s name, the posting list/cargo list

und instructions on to whom the parcel is to be delivered when found.

The estimated processing time is 14 days for domestic orders,

international orders will require approximately 2 months (regulated by the Universal Postal Convention).

Wrong address/Re-routing parcel/Cancelling delivery

FAQ - Versandlogistiker With domestic deliveries, re-routing, cancelling a delivery or correcting the address on a parcel are impossible.   With international deliveries, this is only possible on prior notice and is subject to a extra charge (as per country).

General shipping

Maximum weight per carrier and extra weight fee

Every sevice provider has its own upper limit of what constitutes a parcel suitable for transportation. Again variably for every carrier, an extra fee may be charged when the limit is exceeded. Hence, we have compiled for you a brief overview in order to help you to find the most suitable carrier for your heavy shipments. DHL The maximum weight of a shipment is 31.5 kg. There is no extra fee. UPS The maximum weight depends on the tariff chosen. For standard single UPS parcels, the upper limit is 70 kg (real or dimensional weight – whichever is higher). Standard multiple parcell shipments can go up to 200 kg (total weight of all items, whereas every item’s real or dimensional weight will be taken into account). Packages (whether single parcels or multiple parcels) with a weight of at least 32 kg will in any case be charged an “extra handling” fee of €9.35.

Shipping sofware Easylog by DHL

Connection to Track&Trace lost

If you cannot establish a connection to Track&Trace, it may be due to an older certificate from DHL. You have to replace it with the new DPDHL TLS CA I3 from DHL.

Step 1: Click the following link and download the new certificate – Download DPDHL TLS CA I3 certificate

Step 2: The certificate will install itself automatically.

Step 3: Start Easylog anew and try to look up your shipment in Track&Trace.

Your contact person

FAQ - Versandlogistiker

Leo Strebel
Customer Servce Assistant

+49 6445 25771-97

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