Every sevice provider has its own upper limit of what constitutes a parcel suitable for transportation. Again variably for every carrier, an extra fee may be charged when the limit is exceeded. Hence, we have compiled for you a brief overview in order to help you to find the most suitable carrier for your heavy shipments. DHL The maximum weight of a shipment is 31.5 kg. There is no extra fee. UPS The maximum weight depends on the tariff chosen. For standard single UPS parcels, the upper limit is 70 kg (real or dimensional weight – whichever is higher). Standard multiple parcell shipments can go up to 200 kg (total weight of all items, whereas every item’s real or dimensional weight will be taken into account). Packages (whether single parcels or multiple parcels) with a weight of at least 32 kg will in any case be charged an “extra handling” fee of €9.35.