Important! Shipping lithium-ion batteries from 01 April 2016 - Versandlogistiker

IATA is introducing new requirements for shipping lithium-ion batteries, packed in loose form or loose bulk (UN3480/PI965).

Many devices depend on lithium-ion batteries in order to function. The new requirements apply to all such batteries, whether they can be recharged (and are then lithium-ion batteries) or are disposable (these are known as lithium-metal batteries).


The new requirements apply in the following cases:

  • only lithium batteries are shipped (for example, a rechargeable battery)
  • a device is shipped along with its replaceable battery (for example, a smartphone)
  • a device is shipped along with a built-in battery (for example, a tablet )

Since the new requirements for shipping lithium-ion batteries are clearly stricter, we suggest you acquaint yourself with them. Please bear in mind that secure transportation and compliance with the IATA requirements is legally a responsibility of the sender. That is why IATA has prepared a guide on shipping lithium batteries to make it easier for senders to apply the rules.

Category PI968 (separately packed lithium-metal batteries) may not be transported using an aircraft anymore. Categories PI699 (packed with device) and PI970 (built in) may be shipped as before. Shortly put, a shipment may not contain more that 2 shipped items (each with 4 cells or 2 batteries in device). Should a shipment contain more than 2 shipped items, the lithium battery sign must be used. This change will be enforced from 01 January 2017 but we suggest a sooner transition. Category PI966 (packed with equipment) and PI967 (built in) of lithium-ion batteries may also be transported. Our service team will be glad to help In case of questions.

Source: DHL