Regular pick-up and time slots - VersandlogistikerPick-up can only be arranged through c.b.c. logistics as a participant of the

framework agreement with DHL so please always turn to us.


With regular pick-up, you can designate fixed days for pick-up.


With up to 40 parcel per pick-up day pick-up takes place during delivery.

That means that pick-up is part of the current delivery route, hence the pick-up time

depends on the workload, driver and respective arrangements with him.


From 41 parcels per pick-up day, you can propose a time slot  (+/- 1-2 hours),

during which your parcels should be collected. DHL will try to arrange pick-up during

the time slot you have proposed.


Please be aware that in a few areas shipments cannot be delivered within 24 hours if certain

late pick-up time slots are used.