he parcel and post delivery branches of Deutsche Post are hit by yet another wave of strikes. Postal customers will have to deal with delayed correspondence again. After Verdi and the management of Deutsche Post failed to reach an agreement on reducing the working hours, the labour union announced on 15/04/2015 that it will launch further strikes. This will disrupt the parcel and post delivery significantly, said the Verdi spokesman. No exact date has been mentioned by the labour union. As the strikes before the Easter have shown, Verdi districts will launch strikes on short notice, as mentioned by the spokesman. This will minimise the chance that Deutsche Post will prepare counter measures and undermine the strikes action. At the same time, Verdi aims to corner the enterprise into coming up with a “negotiable” offer. The two parties have agreed to hold another round of negotiations on 27-28/05/2015 in Siegburg near Bonn. The labour union demands that the working hours of the 140,000 employees be reduced from 38.5 to 36 with full pay. The new approach to weekly working time advocated by Deutsche Post brought Verdi back to the negotiations table. Source: Transport-online.de